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Construction on Tonquin Rd.

Construction on Tonquin Rd. south and east of TCGC has the potential to create lengthy delays for members coming to the club during the week. Frequent visitors have reported a better experience traveling via Tualitin-Sherwood Rd. and SW Oregon St., joining Tonquin west of the construction zone.


Safe driving on TCGC’s roads

As a reminder, the 10 mph speed limit for all Club roads exists because of the poor sight lines on many of the roads on the property regardless of whether or not they are paved. The speed limit is no less important than any of the club’s other rules and should be respected. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.


Carts Used For Action Range Matches

A reminder to shooters participating in matches in the Action Range area who use carts to transport their firearms and gear. Uncased firearms may not be handled in the parking area at any time for any reason, including placing them on carts. Read more