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USPSA 2 day Accuracy and Efficiency Class with Steve Anderson! May 17-18

From Steve Anderson; “I’ve recently come to the realization that many people, especially shooters really don’t know how to practice. I guess I’ve just assumed that everybody is just like me when it comes to practicing skills that they wish to improve, and can do their own self-analysis and design their own practice program. Like many other things I think I thought I knew, I was wrong about that.

I’d like to help. Read more


Help Wanted: Technology Committee

TCGC is creating an ad-hoc technology steering committee made up of members with diverse skill sets to examine the way the club employs technology today and offer ideas for improvement. Read more


The Law of Self Defense

The Law of Self-Defense Seminar provides a comprehensive fact- and law-based education on the law of self-defense, presented by an internationally recognized legal expert in the field, Attorney Andrew F. Branca.

The seminar illustrates how the law of self-defense is applied in real court cases involving real people. In addition, the seminar is structured to engage students with scenario-driven applications of the legal principles governing the law of self-defense. Read more