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Safe driving on TCGC’s roads

As a reminder, the 10 mph speed limit for all Club roads exists because of the poor sight lines on many of the roads on the property regardless of whether or not they are paved. The speed limit is no less important than any of the club’s other rules and should be respected. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.


Rifle Marksmanship 1 Class Date Added

A session of the Rifle Marksmanship 1 class has been added to the calendar for March 26. This is a great opportunity for members who have never had any formal instruction in rifle marksmanship to learn some fundamental skills from top-notch instructors that will enhance your shooting enjoyment by improving your proficiency. More information is available under the Training menu at the top of the page.


January Newsletter Has Been Published

The January edition of the TCGC Sportsman Shooter is now available here on the Website under: Members Only/Newsletter. This month’s issue is of particular interest due to the information it contains on the Lower Range Complex project.